LB7-LMM Duramax Oil Cooler

LB7-LMM Duramax Oil Cooler


Product Description

LB7-LMM Duramax engine oil cooler is not typically a component that goes bad, but should be replaced after any catastrophic engine failure. Any time metal is pumped through the engine from internal failure, it can accumulate in the oil cooler. Due to the stack plate design of the oil cooler, cleaning out that debris can be nearly impossible. The best way to protect a new engine investment is to put a new cooler on to prevent any contamination

Additional Information


Duramax Model Year:
2001-2004 LB7 2001-2004 LB7
2004.5-2005 LLY 2004.5-2005 LLY
2006-2007 LBZ 2006-2007 LBZ
2007.5-2010 LMM 2007.5-2010 LMM


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